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About the owner - Stephen Brown
A Brief History
What inspires me

It all started in 1978 - when I was 11 years old; I was given my first silent cine projector together with a selection of Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy films​ for Christmas. By the age of 13, I had my first Super8 cine camera and created many films, including school drama productions, family holidays to the Mediterranean and long summer dog walks with my "first love", amongst fields - now housing estates.  I was also a campanologist and created films in the belfry.


Throughout my teens, this little Sankyo cine camera travelled with me, often containing G film so I could film inside the departure lounge at Gatwick under low light conditions.


Although, for a long while, my career path had nothing to do with my hobby, I volunteered to film weddings and other events for friends and family. Photography was also a passion.


Zooming forward to the noughties, I finally abandoned my long-term career and embraced my hobby as a vocation - it was always in me. A drive and commitment to restore and preserve vintage footage and stills - starting with my Grandad's collection of 120 format negatives.

I got married during 2000. We booked an "all in one" package for our wedding (car, suits, photographer and videographer); however, when my wife drew alongside me at the altar, my first words were not "you look amazing"; instead it was "where is the video guy?" She growled, "I don't know!" He had failed to turn up and finally arrived at the reception, just prior to the commencement of the speeches.

This inexcusable omission still affects us to this day; hence, I do not want anyone else to suffer this massive disappointment and I make it a priority to be with the special couple all of the way.

I am inspired by the huge amounts of reaction and feedback we receive from clients; their emotion and gratitude means a great deal to me. It is good to know that I have brought happiness to thousands of people throughout the UK and - because of the sharing capability of our cloud service - across the whole world too.

One in particular was an edit to a pre-existing amateur wedding video, filmed in South Africa; it was a gift from a UK based client to his friends over there. Years later, I filmed this client's wedding in Kent and the couple from the amateur video had flown over for the event; we were introduced. I will never forget the way the bride from that video embraced me with tears in her eyes, thanking me over and over again for what I had done.

Is there more?

Well, yes - actually - there is. I am also an author and go under the pseudonym of Edwin Teal. I have published one novel, so far - "In the Real World", and am in the midst of writing another ("Against the Wind"). I know you are not here to buy a book but, if you feel inclined then take a look at my website ( or press play below:

More videos can be found by clicking here.

Era VP
Our Commitment

Every service provided by us is founded upon the bedrock of our zeal to provide superior customer service and a commitment to provide the best output possible - whether it is the conversion of vintage material or the production of something new.

We remain focused upon our responsibility to all clients and are acutely aware of the level of trust being afforded to us - regardless of the size and complexity of the task at hand.

We regularly follow technological advances and - where feasible - apply these to our business. We have many plans for the future, solely intended to enhance viewer experiences.

Some of the advances have been the result of in-house developments and significant investment across the board - especially with regard to cine capture.

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