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Do you recall times when you played cricket on a windswept beach, using a banana box for "wickets"? Perhaps you remember those atmospheric package holidays to the Mediterranean - you know, when there was even a "romance" attached to getting on that plane at Gatwick and embarking on your adventure. May be it is your wedding from the 1960s, 70s or 80s or Nan & Grandad "pottering about" in their vegetable patch.

You often talk about these memories and reminisce, but - wait a minute - they were captured too. Alas, this "archive" has long since been retired to the back of a convenient cupboard somewhere in your house.

The original intention would have been to preserve these moments forever but the scarcity and antiquity of the necessary equipment makes this increasingly difficult; it's time to breathe new life into these memories and to relive those magical times again.

Each transferred film is uploaded to our Google Drive® area and a unique link is sent to you to view, download and/or share. The DVD option is available too. The digital files remain at Google Drive® for at least six months from the date of upload.

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