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  • How long do my conversions remain in the cloud?
    Your files will remain at Google Drive® for 6 months from the date of upload; this should provide you (and with those whom you share the link) with ample opportunity to either download to your device(s) and/or copy them across to your own cloud account. However, if you need a little more time then simply let us know, whereupon we will do our best to accomodate you.
  • I don't want my files to be stored in the cloud
    This preference has been communicated to us on a number of occasions - for a variety of reasons. We fully understand peoples' concerns and, of oourse, we comply with this request. Just add notes in the special instructions boxes, on our product pages, or let us know by email. Instead, we can transfer the files to a USB device (for a small extra cost) and/or DVD.
  • I prefer a different format to MP4
    That's absolutely fine. We are able to transfer to a plethora of video formats or device specific codecs - simply let us know your preference, either within the special instructions field on the product page or drop us a line.
  • Do I get my material back?
    Yes - we return all material via signed for mail or - if the package weighs more than 2kg - via UPS.
  • I do not want my original material back
    We strongly recommend that you do have your material back - no-one knows what will happen in the future. However, if you are adamant that you do not want your material back then we can dispose of it for you. In the case of tapes, we can destroy the actual tape and keep the cassette parts for spares/repair of other cassettes. In the case of cine films, there is a collectors market for this type of meda and - subject to your consent - we can sell the films and share 50% of the net sale proceeds with you.
  • How do I know if my tape is short play (SP) or long play (LP)?
    Most people cannot remember. If you are unsure which speed your tape was recorded at then, instead of ordering online, simply familiarise yourself with our pricing and send your tape(s), enclosing your full contact details (especially your email address) to us, via signed for delivery. We will then acknowledge and, when the footage has been transferred, send you an invoice representative of the length(s).
  • Is my assigned cloud area accessible by anyone else?
    Other than Era VP staff, the only people who can access your area are those with whom you share the link with. The link is unique but anyone who has it can access and download the files. If you prefer more stringent access then we can assign a link specific to you only. You will need a Google account and supply us with the email address registered with that account in order for us to set this up.
  • Do you transfer feature films?
    No. We cannot copy or transfer any copyrighted material.
  • Some of my footage is highly personal
    From time to time, we come across this. If the client is already aware of the content to be transferred then we will transfer in the normal way and adhere to the client's preferences. If it is unbenkown - and we notice it during transfer - then we will alert you to what has been discovered and take your instructions. Nevertheless, we do not recommend any material like this is uploaded to the cloud. Instead, we would recommend that the footage is transferred to a USB stick (at a small additional cost) and/or a DVD. In all cases, we reserve the right to refuse to upload this type of material to Google Drive. It goes without saying that we do not transfer any content deemed to be illegal, and, we will fulfil our public duty in this event if necessary.
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