Disc Negative transfer

Disc Negative transfer


(Price is per image). Please be aware that we do not develop films - we can only scan developed negatives, slides or prints.


In order to scan this type of image, it is necessary to remove the centre spindle - it cannot be put back on once it has been removed.



  • Additional Info

    Disc cameras were very popular with consumers - especially during the early to mid 1980s. Each disc was capable of shooting 15 images. The disc camera was discontinued some time ago.


    The size of the image is a mere 10x8mm - very small. Because of this, there is no point in scanning below 4800dpi. In addition, the images can be very "noisy". Whilst we do our best to remove grain and noise, an element of this will still remain.


    In order to scan disc negatives, we need to remove the centre spindle; there is a small associated risk with this part of the process. Thereafter, it cannot be put back in. 

  • When sending your material

    When sending your negatives or slides to us, and wherever possible, please ensure that they remain within their original sleeves or wallets. Then, either use a "please do not bend" envelope or sandwich them between two pieces of strong cardboard (without sticking them). In all instances, please ensure your order details are enclosed with your negatives or slides and that you send them to us via signed for delivery. It is important not to touch the image surface with bare fingers when handling it.


    The address to send your material to is:


    Era VP

    10 Wynsome Street



    BA14 9RB


    You are also welcome to personally deliver your negatives/slides. Simply call us to arrange a time.

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