Sony DVW-A500P Digital Betacam Recorder

Sony DVW-A500P Digital Betacam Recorder


This machine has been extensively tested and thoroughly cleaned by us and, despite its age, demonstrates the same robustness, reliability and practicality it had when it was brand new.


With only 244 drum hours, this DVW-A500P Digital Betacam recorder still has plenty of "mileage" in it.


Capable of handling both Betacam SP and Digital Betacam tapes, this machine is ideally placed to process archive material at broadcast quality.


Please view the video for a rundown of this delightful machine.

  • Additional Info

    This machine offers a host of connection possibilities - both for input and output, audio and video. 


    For further information, please peruse the user guide by clicking here.

  • Specifics

    Operation hours: 2,408

    Drum Hours: 244

    Tape running hours: 146

    Threading count: 995

    Weight: 35.5KG

    Length/Depth: 54cm

    Width: 43cm

    Height: 24cm

    Serial Number: 21134

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