Up to 800ft 16mm cine film transfer

Up to 800ft 16mm cine film transfer

  • Secure HD (1920 x 1080), MP4, digital download of your footage from our Google Drive® area - simply click on the link we send you; MP4 files are playable on - just about - any device (if you prefer another format then let us know)
  • Transfer of your cine film(s) to DVD or Blu Ray (if selected) containing your precious memories
  • If you have selected DVD or Blu Ray then you have the added - free - option to download the ISO/DVD image file(s) as backup (or for extra copies) - just in case you lose or damage your discs at any time in the future
  • Useful Info

    A 800ft cine reel is approx. 10 to 11 inches/25 to 28cm in diameter with a play time of approx. 20 to 30 minutes - depending on the frame rate.


    Silent films typically play at 16 frames per second (fps), whereas sound films commonly play at 24 fps.

  • When sending your material

    Please ensure that you send all material to us via signed for delivery. If your package weighs over 2kg then you may wish to utilise the services of a carrier (for example, UPS, Hermes, DHL).


    The address to send your film(s) to is:


    Era VP

    10 Wynsome Street



    BA14 9RB


    You are also welcome to personally deliver your film(s). Simply call us to arrange a time.

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