VHS/SVHS transfer

VHS/SVHS transfer


Formats covered: PAL/SECAM and NTSC


Are you not being able to relive old memories that you had shot decades ago? Now, through our VHS/SVHS conversion service, we can transfer those dated cassettes into DVD and/or digital format so that those memories can be revisited time and time again.


Have your old VHS tapes transferred to digital format and/or DVD from only £20.00.


Relive your memories, and share them with loved ones anywhere in the world - via Google Drive® - without incurring postal and airmail costs. 

  • Product Info

    VHS was an extremely popular format throughout the 80s and 90s.


    It was commonplace to transfer numerous camcorder tapes to VHS in order to enjoy the compilation in the comfort of one's living room - in some cases, an entire catalogue of memories was contained on just one tape.


    As technology advanced, a good number of VHS VCRs became capable of playing "LP" (Long Play) - effectively doubling the capacity of the tape. This, potentially, enabled up to 8 hours of continuous recording.

  • Repair Service

    Many of us will identify with the situation where the VCR playing the cassette would mercilessly chew up or snap the tape. You may have a tape, containing very precious memories, which has suffered this fate.


    Thankfully, we are able to repair tapes - with 100% success so far. If your tape requires this service then simply select the option when ordering.


    In the unlikely event of us being unable to repair your tape, we will refund the relevant cost of purchase (minus the postage cost) and return your tape(s) to you.

  • When sending your material

    Please ensure that you send all material to us via signed for delivery. If your package weighs over 2kg then you may wish to utilise the services of a carrier (for example, UPS).


    The address to send your tape(s) to is:


    Era VP

    10 Wynsome Street



    BA14 9RB


    You are also welcome to personally deliver your tape(s). Simply call us to arrange a time.

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