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Today will change your life; a new journey begins. You will awake, full of excitement and – perhaps – with a touch of nervousness. Today, you will be the centre of attention; this could be the best day you have had on Earth so far.  Today is your story – it’s all about you.


The occasion will be embraced and enjoyed by all – a new memory in the making.


Preserve this memory, the sights, the sounds, the expressions, and the sincerity. Relive it on every anniversary that you will enjoy together or when you feel the need to draw closer to each other or to savour at any time in the future. Let us help you create this:

It's About You

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Take it With You

Almost everyone traditionally hires a professional photographer; the images are likely to be excellent – some earning a position within a frame on a wall or upon a shelf within your home. A collection of microsecond captures of your perfect day.


But where is the ambience? Where is the music? Where are the familiar dulcet tones? Can you hear the speeches, the laughter? Will you ever hear yourself or your partner physically say those binding words ever again? What happened just before – or after – a particular picture was taken?


Whilst we cannot capture the taste, we can capture the essence; whilst we cannot capture the heat, we can capture the warmth - those feelings and sensations that will live and echo, forever, in your hearts; stirred and agitated by what we present to you and those loved by you.

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Let's Do This

If you were granted a wish to relive a day in your life then what would it be? Many say it would be their wedding day where everyone is happy and together – celebrating your special occasion; your moment - the day you have, likely, spent your whole life waiting for.


Ask anyone you know, who is married, about their wedding day and don’t be surprised by comments like “it all happened so quickly” or “it was like a blur – I didn’t have time to catch my breath”. Then ask them if they had their day filmed; if their reply is “no” then ask them that – in hindsight – did they wish they had?

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